Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Life, Love, Flights and Heights


Jan. 25. Home sweet home. Enjoyed the break tremendously.
Jan. 25. JJ Abrams to direct Episode VII. Hmm. Very interesting.
Jan. 27. Hard work pays off. So does sleeping with the boss, or being related to an influential person, or playing dirty. At least that's what I heard.
Jan. 27. Of course we're self-aggrandizing. In this day and age of info bombardment and copy-paste shilling, you have to stand out. And you have to show why you're just as good as--or even better than--people within and outside your cliques.
Jan. 27. Love is all you need. And self-worth. And self-importance. Okay, they're aspects of love, too.
Jan. 27. Still giddy about Singapore. Will explore next time. Joan Chen (Josie from Twin Peaks!) mentioned that I asked a "very good question" during the group interview (which made me blush, according to my colleague).
Jan. 27. You can be a bundle of insecurities with a fear of failure and still make something of yourself.
Jan. 28. Bawled unabashedly while watching The Impossible. What a film. Reminds me to love and appreciate my dear ones more, and to be brave for them even when I'm scared as hell.

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