Monday, February 25, 2013

Cosmic Wagon Train

Status updates, yo.

Feb. 11. Chris Pratt as Guardians of the Galaxy leader Star-Lord. That's interesting. He's a funny guy. He needs to be "Zero Dark Thirty"-fit again, but he can do it.
Feb. 13. Wow, just noticed Carrie Diaries' Asian girl... Knives Chau!
Feb. 16. There have been unwatchable Glee season 4 episodes, but the sexed-up Valentine's one... oh my god. I love it. Quinn!!!
Feb. 17. We're more than the sum of our traumas and tragedies.
Feb. 17. Rereading old Joe Kelly JLA issues. Still really good.
Feb. 18. Good workout today. Haircut a few hours later. I try not to think about the germy scissors and combs when I'm at the barber shop.
Feb. 19. Sometimes, you just have to slow down, step back, and enjoy the moment.
Feb. 22. Rainy Friday morning. But it's February. Weather's seriously messed up.
Feb. 22. Batwoman proposes. Say yes, Maggie Sawyer.
Feb. 23. Watched eight episodes so far of Suits season one. Brilliant.
Feb. 23. This Is What I Need To Do versus This Is What I Want To Be Remembered For... always a tough dilemma.

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