Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Mind Over Mind

Status updatery.

Feb. 24. Saw a desk calendar of uber-fit actors at the gym. Jeez, Matteo, you're making it look impossible for the rest of us.
Feb. 27. Kulit ni Samuel Jackson sa Django Unchained.
Feb. 27. Pagod pagkagaling sa press con, pero tumapos ng article. Next time ka na, Jack the Giant Slayer.
Feb. 27. Second tape recorder almost dead. Time to switch to digital, I guess.
March 2. Silver Linings Playbook. Okey naman. Galing ng performances. I could relate a bit to De Niro's character; he has OCD issues.
March 2. After just letting my new (or kinda new) comic book story simmer in the background for a long time, inspiration suddenly hit and--BAM!--the missing details just manifested. I want to do this. It will happen. I moved heaven and earth before with that old project. This will happen.

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