Monday, March 18, 2013

Quenching, Quelling

Status updates compiled, as usual.
March 10. Buco Salad ice cream! Hot Sunday afternoon, begone.
March 12. Semi-frozen Gatorade. Thirst-quenching, but will probably make my throat hurt like hell later.
March 13. Latest Community episode. That's more like it.
March 13. Summer heat. Augh.
March 14. Hope that new Pope isn't another hate-mongering creep.
March 15. Scripting a comic book. Fun and head-splitting. Glad I'm doing it again.
March 15. Trying real hard not to go the Taylor Swift/revenge as art route.
March 17. So, the 15 influential artists thing. Here's mine. Not tagging anyone, just do it if you wanna: 1. John Byrne 2. Albrecht Durer 3. Nick Manabat 4. Bill Sienkiewicz 5. John Toledo 6. Jim Lee 7. Whilce Portacio 8. Carlos Pacheco 9. Simon Bisley 10. Frank Frazetta 11. George Perez 12. Walt Simonson 13. Art Adams 14. John Romita, Jr. 15. Jim Mahfood

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