Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Seasons Change

Status updates, et cetera

March 5. Surprisingly cool tonight, like we didn't have a preview of summer a few afternoons ago.
March 5. Hay, Community season four. Sana gumanda ka naman.
March 6. Must find time to watch the second seasons of Suits and Warehouse 13. Glad I got to finish the first season of Suits prior to Patrick Adams' arrival. Must finish season two of Game of Thrones, too. Stopped at episode four, I think. And it's been ages since I watched Supernatural; I stopped a couple of eps into season five.
March 6. Bus I rode this afternoon was showing an FPJ movie. Man, the violence and machismo. Anyway, I just had to smile when it showed a bar girl in a two-piece swimsuit, dancing to Culture Club's "The War Song." Not as funny as Leonardo Litton macho-dancing to Peabo Bryson's "A Whole New World," but it's pretty close.
March 6. Triceps developing nicely. Yay!
March 8. Been hearing Jeremiah Junior's voice during commercial breaks.
March 8. Still not digging Cyclops' Racer X look.
March 8. Happy International Women's Day. But... just one day?

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