Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Summer Son, Summer Reign

Status updates amid the heat.

March 17. Remembering how the old high school dances played seamless remixes; loved how Head Over Heels transitioned to Sometimes a Fantasy, then Tenderness, Sahara Night, Tarzan Boy, and eventually, You To Me Are Everything. Late '80s memories.
March 18. Watched the first episode of The Americans. Really good. Nice to see Keri Russell kicking butt again after that short role in Mission Impossible years ago.
March 20. Repressed memory. I suddenly remembered being part of the Atheneum, or the library club, when I was in second year high school. Can't remember if I helped arrange books using the card catalog.
March 21. Tropical Hut's Double Double Burger. Yum.
March 21. Still loving Shameless. "She's good for me. And you're not. And, uh... Yeah. That's all."
March 21. I always wonder about the might-have-beens, how things might've ended if I did stuff differently when I was a kid. I sometimes wish that I could just travel back, give that lonely 11-year-old me a hug, and promise him that things will be different in the future. Although I'd probably tell him that some things get worse before they get so much better.
March 22. Enjoyed The Croods last night.
March 22. Jim Carrey was hilarious as a David Blaine-ish character in Burt Wonderstone.
March 23. Downing a bottle of Tanduay Cocktails, a freebie from last year, all by my lonesome. Not a good sign. Spiked my soda with it, too. Spinning like a record. It's probably my alcohol intake for the year. Last year, I just drank one glass.
March 23. A bowl of liquored-up chocolate ice cream. Mmm.
March 25. Ambagal ng oras ngayon. Hmm.
March 25. Doing sinful stuff, as usual, this Holy Week.

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