Friday, April 19, 2013

Love Machinery, Thirteen

The first time Hawkeye and Mockingbird split up, they divided the West Coast Avengers in two. They went on separate missions, but nearly ran into each other during the Evolutionary War.

10th year anniversary reenactment (kinda) of JLA-Avengers. Pic from 2008.
"Avengers Assemble!"
"League Lambaste!"
Book Sale find. It's got exclusive content (Vader and Threepio's journals), but also has two errors (a typo and a wrong photo of baby Leia).

One of my few surviving National Bookstore reprints. Batman versus Gustav DeCobra! Creeped me out when I was eight.

Yummy cakes and stuff, April edition.
Wolfsbane and Shatterstar are fighting over the same guy: Rictor! The pregnant she-wolf walks in on the two, and thinks that Shatterstar is making her ex gay.

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