Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Passion Forward

Recent status updates.
April 23. Thor 2 teaser trailer. Not Man of Steel-awesome, but it looks like it's going to be fun.
April 23. May midnight screening yata ng Iron Man 3 ngayon. Ehh. Bukas na.
April 23. Iron Man 3. Fun and funny. Makes up for the drabness of the second one.
April 24. Imagine Dragons' "It's Time" in a Smart commercial. Gack.
April 27. Next Saturday is Free Comic Book Day.
April 29. Eleven years and 580 articles later, I'm still thankful and excited to contribute. I dedicate my published newspaper articles to my parents. I hope they're still happy to periodically see my name in ink and to read my thoughts on paper. Thanks, my dear PDI editors.
April 30. Indie comics creator mode. Stapling ashcan pages. Glad the copier's just right, and the operator knew what he was doing. Yes, it'll be out on Saturday.

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