Saturday, June 01, 2013

Creation Sensation

Status updates and random thoughts, as usual.

May 17. Saw new Iron Man Marvel Legends figures. Nice-looking stuff, especially the Classic armor with two masks, and the armor that debuted in 1989.
May 17. I've always liked the bombardment of details and designs in the works of great artists such as George Perez, Gene Ha, Art Adams, Geof Darrow, Phil Jimenez, and many others. Composition and clarity are always important, sure, but the extra effort is easily apparent to--and very much appreciated by--those who are into that kind of contained chaos.
May 17. Aloha Burger. Tastes like Tropical Hut's Hawaiian Glee, but with bacon bits. Which is okay. Thanks, Benedict.
May 20. Weirded out, but ultimately elated to see the definition of some muscles below the collar bone. Discovered them thanks to odd lighting.
May 22. Super-late to the party, but finally watched season one of Sherlock. Managed to keep myself spoiler-free, and was pleasantly surprised that it's a modern/contemporary interpretation.
May 22. So. Star Trek. Simple but spectacular. Great that it still has a connection to the old continuity.

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