Thursday, June 13, 2013

Immersion Obsession

Just stuff that’s been happening.

June 4. Game of Thrones' penultimate episode. No spoilers. Just... my god.
June 4. Hay, CBCP. Gay people don't need "interventions" for accepting their sexuality. Jeez.
June 4. I hope they cast Ben Whishaw (from Skyfall and Cloud Atlas) as the 12th Doctor.
June 4. But if the next Doctor's body is female, let the character be played by Kaya Scodelario, quirky, crazy Effy from Skins.
June 5. Just found out that Teen Wolf's Tyler Hoechlin was the kid from Road to Perdition.
June 6. Man of Steel next week.
June 8. Every time I see GoT's Daario, I'm reminded of the shows Hercules and Xena.
June 8. My nephew in the US recently got a Best in English medal, the only person from the batch of seventh graders to be given such an award. It's his second language; he spoke mostly in Filipino before moving to the States years ago.
June 9. Bought a bottle of Zest-O Slice juice, "grapple" flavor. Yeah, sounds like a wrestling move, but they mashed "grape" and "apple" together. Anyway, it tastes good.
June 11. Been getting requests to like FB pages. To my contacts, don't feel slighted if I don't like them immediately, or at all. Either I haven't seen them or I'm not interested at this time. Thank you!
June 11. Been years since the last Astro City miniseries. Must get the new issue!
June 12. Watched Man of Steel last night. Enjoyed it a lot, despite a few gripes. Must watch it again!

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