Thursday, June 13, 2013

Love Machinery, Seventeen

Joss Whedon's future Slayer Melaka Fray, inheritor of the magical Scythe, which appeared in her early 2000s comic before its TV debut (Buffy the Vampire Slayer season seven). She reappeared in the Buffy Season Eight comic book.

The Punisher Armory by Eliot Brown. Cover by Michael Golden. Wish I got more of this when it came out. I have two issues. Really cool weapons and equipment handbook.

Man of Steel, now showing.
"I have no super-bastard in this one."

X-Men versus X-Men, Inferno edition. Also, Storm's team, influenced by the Goblin Queen, kills the Marauders. But I think they knew that they were clones, or clonable, at this point.
2008 annual this time. Found this at Book Sale earlier this week. Huge hologram photo cover.
Mandarin Spawn! Like other McFarlane figures, it's ultra-detailed, has limited poseability, and you know next to nothing about the character. But you just gotta have it. Bought this in 2005.
Walt Simonson issue. Thor can't transform into Donald Blake anymore, so he asks Nick Fury to create a civilian guise. Fury gives him glasses to complete his new secret identity. Thor bumps into a reporter named Clark moments later.

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