Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Time Won’t Give Me Time

Status updatery, et cetera.

June 17. It's interesting that Russell Crowe has never seen a Superman film, and Mireille Enos has never seen a zombie movie. It doesn't matter. They're great actors, nonetheless.
June 19. Hay. True Blood.
June 19. Saw an ep of My Husband's Lover. Okey naman. May kilig din.
June 19. Weeks of energy-sapping summer heat, then days of non-stop rain. Wish it could just be breezy February for the rest of the year. Weather woes aside, getting stuck in the house meant I could work on my personal project.
June 21. Read Age of Ultron. Whoa, what? That was it?
June 21. After watching episode five of Da Vinci's Demons, I'm convinced that Tom Riley can effortlessly take over and reinvent the Doctor Who role. But not just yet, he's actually entertaining as flaky and semi-loony Leonardo.

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