Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Blogging, Recapped

I’ve been rereading my old blog entries from years back. I find it fascinating to have opened myself enough to speak about a number of things I felt passionate about. When I started in the mid-‘00s, each of the blogs I discovered and frequented had a unique, insightful tone; they were alternately analytical and confessional, inspiring enough to make me start sharing about my life and my interests.

Over the years, I’ve read some inspiring stuff by peers. We all had to adapt to shifting formats, changing trends. But gradually, people stopped updating. Only a few of those that I followed still continue with writing enlightening posts. I assume people got busy with work, or are enjoying their lives more fully that documenting it online isn’t as important a priority anymore.

Fast-forward to 2013. I still write for my blog, although what I do now are the exclusive movie reviews and micro-commentaries on stuff I’ve accumulated over the years. I compile status updates from elsewhere, too. It’s for myself, mostly, to remember how I’ve felt over some topics, or just to remind me of things I've seen or wondered about. The more concise updates serve their purpose, but I do periodically miss the longer, more personal blog entries where you could elucidate and be eloquent.

I also repost my published articles, which occasionally add a formal tone to my blog. These are usually from the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Entertainment section. I do TV reviews and interviews for the paper. And speaking of credentials, I’ve been contributing to PDI for over 11 years now. I spent my first six years writing mostly movie reviews before I became exclusively assigned to cover TV events. I also did film reviews for The Fortnightly periodical for almost a year (2011-12). Writing for publications keeps me on my toes, certainly, and I can honestly say that I keep learning new things about the rules of grammar and editing styles.

It’s changed radically over the years, but blogging is about my thoughts and feelings, stuff that’s about me or by me. It’s my space. It’s where I can vent, celebrate, rave and rant.

In recent years, “non-traditional media” practitioners have come out of the woodwork. A number of them are good, capable of writing their own articles and reviews, and I respect and admire them for that. But there are those blogs that are just awfully written. And for some, blogging is shilling, as more publicity-centric blogs have become platforms for company-fed materials. Well, to each his own; that’s how some people approach their journals.
Anyway, I’ll keep posting stuff by me, whether they’re writings or illustrations. I’ll post more personal, lengthier entries from time to time, as well. I draw the line at oversharing, though, and besides, TMI isn’t my style. I hope to elaborate on stuff that I haven’t yet in the history of my blog. Thanks, and keep reading.

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