Friday, July 05, 2013

Memory Lane, Paths Just Taken

My side of cybervanity.

June 28. Creating a comic book from scratch is a challenge. Restraint is important. Speaking of which, I intend Psychic Love to be readable by both teens and grownups. No peen drawing this time. But there will be other things that will bother and/or entice.
June 28. Useful advice my late editor Louie Camino texted in 2003: "Think many times before using superlatives or being amazed. Just because you were invited doesn't mean you can't be critical."
July 1. Glad the typhoon didn't stay long. Just spent Sunday reacquainting myself with my bed. Haven't slept in ages.
July 3. Listened to Christmas songs while drawing.                             
July 3. Oh-no-he-didn't moment sa MHL: tinawag ni Eric si Vincent na "duwag na bakla."
July 4. Nice childhood memory: I walked from school to my house every afternoon. Good exercise. Did that for seven years. Got used to the sight of roadkilled frogs, though. Weird. Sometimes I borrowed books from the library, or comics from my classmates, and couldn't wait to get home to read them.
July 6. 'Pag nagna-narrate si Lally, naalala ko si Suresh ng Heroes. Masyadong obvious.

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