Thursday, July 25, 2013

Roles and Real Life

The week or so that was, compiled.

July 15. Galing pala magdrowing ni Tom Rodriguez. Wow.
July 18. Just thankful. For a good life. For generous people. For being given opportunities to do things that I want.
July 18. "There are people I’ve met that I admire for a zillion different reasons, but I don’t have any desire to become real close friends with them, even when there have been opportunities that allow that. I can honestly say that I’ve outgrown many of my school friends, but I still respect them and wish them well, even when I don’t feel particularly concerned with them anymore. I suppose that’s pretty normal; my priorities, like theirs, have changed, just like our personalities and some predilections. I still feel a kinship with others who share my interests, in the fields I’m immersed in, but I’m okay with just being acquainted with them." I wrote this for my blog in 2007. I still feel this way.
July 20. Finally, Shatterstar's true origin revealed. I like it.
July 20. Impromptu room-cleaning yielded two plastic bags worth of garbage: leaflets and brochures I kept for some reason, pieces of paper with names and landline numbers that I don't recognize, and folded toy packages. Found interesting notes describing events that I don't remember. And a marked 1996 calendar. Reminded me of long, solitary days before I met the Internet.
July 21. Facebook Graph Search, I want to take the tour but you still won't let me. C*cktease.
July 21. Strange that religious articles appear in Google News' entertainment section. Religion or faith should have its own section. I don't want it intruding in my feed, and those religions' followers probably wouldn't want their articles to be classified under entertainment.
July 21. Hmm. Hugh Jackman's played Wolverine six times in 13 years. That includes the cameo in First Class.

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