Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Weather, Whether

Recent thoughts.

Aug. 15. Kick-Ass 2. Shocking and funny. Faithful to volume 2 of the comics, save for a few major changes.
Aug. 15. Gay prisoners wore pink triangle badges to identify them in Nazi concentration camps, as homosexuals were considered felons in the 1930s and 1940s. It's scary that being gay now in Russia, or just being supportive of them, comes with a heavy price. They're being rounded up because of some hateful anti-gay laws. What the hell is going on in that country.
Aug. 15. MHL. There've been episodes where I just go, "boring, boring, ugh, nothing's happening." And then there's tonight's episode. Holy $#!+!!
Aug. 15. Discovered that Milli Vanilli beat the Indigo Girls in the Grammys' Best New Artist category in 1990. Hmm.
Aug. 17. Getting used to friends asking if I fell asleep while watching a movie. When I squint, my eyes look closed, just horizontal lines with lashes, especially from the side. My seatmate Wanggo thought I was asleep during the first part of last night's movie. But no, it was a creepy film, and I was wide awake, even though I really lacked sleep. #scarymovie #verafarmigawasawesome #squinting
Aug. 17. Maganda yung pelikula pero panay ang bulungan, dinig na yung kuwentuhan, sasabayan pa ang mga character magsalita. O kaya, OA na pagtili at pagcomment, di pa makuha sa sitsit.
Aug. 19. Stormy Monday. I have plans, but I dunno how the day will go. Anyway, stay safe, fellow Pinoys.
Aug. 21. Still raining. Cities still immobilized. Hope it ends already and doesn't happen again any time soon. Despite the rain, though, I'm glad things are comfortable at home.
Aug. 22. Flashbacking to college, to the times when I had no choice but to wade in flood waters just to get home. Man. That weird feeling of getting parts of your body submerged, then drying as you get stuck in horrendous traffic. I don't miss it.

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