Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mixed Metamorphosis

Status updates, et cetera. 

Aug. 5. Hmm. Older 12th Doctor. I wonder how different/similar the personality will be to the previous one.
Aug. 5. Roi Vinzon's MHL character better have a fitting comeuppance. Soon, I hope.
Aug. 7. Nice that Raven Simone and Ben Whishaw came out. The world really is changing; things were very different for celebrities just a decade ago. But sadly and shockingly, in Russia, bigots are now empowered, bullying and rounding up gay people and those who support them. Shame.
Aug. 8. I saw karting champ Marlon Stockinger at the gym a few days ago. Unless it's another guy wearing a shirt that says "Marlon Stockinger" on the back.
Aug. 11. Finally. Choppy net connection fixed, for good, I hope. That took weeks. I surprised myself, though; I kept patient. By my 26th call to the repair hotline, that's when I expressed my annoyance. Glad it's finally fixed.
Aug. 12. Change is good. I will embrace change. Not just yet. But soon.

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