Sunday, August 25, 2013

Universal Upheavals

So Ben Affleck was picked to play Batman in the upcoming Superman-Batman movie. Like many people, I have my doubts about it. He wasn't very memorable as Daredevil 10 years ago. But we have no choice but to wait and see; who knows, maybe things will be different this time. Michael Keaton wasn't a popular choice back when it was first announced that he was cast for Tim Burton's live-action film. Let's just hope that Affleck will prove naysayers wrong, eventually.

Back in the comics, the revamped DC Universe has a new controversy. Just hours after the casting announcement, the new design for the iconic bounty hunter Lobo was released. Reactions were mostly disgust and confusion, or both. Lobo, who became known for being DC's foul-mouthed, savage space biker merc, is now sporting short hair, an average superhero physique, is wearing spandex and body armor, and is just generally cleaner. Frag. Twilight-ized, New 52'd. Maybe he's still foul-mouthed. We'll know when the book comes out. But the pretty boy look just doesn't work. Well, I don't feel like posting that picture. Except for some of the Bat-titles, this rebooted DC Universe really isn't that interesting to me. I miss the eclectic-looking DC that preceded this more style-unified realm. 

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