Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Daydream Believer

Status updates from the week or so that was.

Aug. 24. Two weird reams in a row, less than an hour apart. Anxiety crossing over to the dream world.
Aug. 29. Becoming a more involved team player everyday, and strangely liking it.
Sept. 3. Too out of it to attend Elysium screening. Maybe watch it tomorrow.
Sept. 3. Exam I took earlier had yes or no questions, the one with "no wrong answers." The one I found most interesting was, to paraphrase: "Do you daydream about things that you'll never achieve?" Yes. Of course.
Sept. 6. Just remembered, I was watching the replay of the VMAs on MTV Asia a few days ago. Bizarrely, the word "gay" was bleeped out of Macklemore's "Same Love" performance. WTF.
Sept. 6. Morgan "Super Size Me" Spurlock directed the One Direction movie?! Now I'm interested.
Sept. 6. Watched the Patti Austin-George Benson concert last night. Didn't expect to have fun, but I did. Powerful voices. Joe Pizzulo was there, too; he sang one song.
Sept.6. Enjoying the Infinity miniseries so far. Please have a decent, non-prelude to another event ending.
Sept. 8. The editing process is demystifying, in a good way. Learning a lot of new things. I have a greater appreciation for editors now.
Sept. 8. Took a rorschach test as part of my exam last week. The printed cards were yellowing... browning, actually. I was asked to say what I could see in each picture. I tried to respond to them as honestly as I could. Some of my answers must've been odd ("they're silhouettes of two kids with bunny ears, facing each other"). At one point, I politely said that there were just random blots that don't form anything. But the kind psychologist lady asked again if I saw anything on them, and I eventually did, so I said that I could see a certain shape. I don't totally get the test, but I hope I pass it.

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