Sunday, September 29, 2013

Focused Totality

Status updates, yada yada.

Sept. 15. Finally reading some of the Joe Kelly-written X-Men issues from the late '90s that I missed. Really good. The three newbies (Doc Reyes, Marrow and Maggott) were really well-written!
Sept. 21. After many years of resisting--and just enjoying life as a freelancer--I now have a regular job. I feel like a grownup.
Sept. 21. Surreal day. Mind's practically astral projecting. Feeling excited, giddy, nervous. What a day.
Sept. 22. Mandatory employment check-up yesterday. Drug test required someone to wait nearby while you fill up some containers. Let's just say that aim and timing are important. It was like a scene from some Farrelly Brothers comedy. But the nurse lady, bless her, was unfazed by the awkwardness of it all.
Sept. 27. Watched The Killers' show last night.
Sept. 29. Naaaliw sa season 3 ng Awkward.

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