Sunday, September 29, 2013

Objectifixation, Four

"Kitty Pryde dissed my assimilation speech, Cap!"
"Assemble the Avengers, Havok! We're attacking the school, post-haste!"

Marvel Boy by Grant Morrison and JG Jones. Kree warrior Noh-Varr eventually ended up a member of the Dark Avengers and the Avengers, but betrayed both teams. He's currently a Young Avenger.

Reprint of Uncanny X-Men # 203. Hopelessly outmatched, the X-Men attempt to knock some sense into the all-powerful Beyonder. Rachel/Phoenix also returns the power he tempted her with. It's still an excellent read; Rogue and Shadowcat were also prominently featured.

The 2005 series that introduced the Secret Six. Fantastic work by Gail Simone and Dale Eaglesham.

Kraven's Last Hunt! Depressing, late '80s Spider-Man story. Wish I had the other issues, but friends were kind enough to lend the other parts.

Aang stuff. The small book is a recent purchase; it's an official local reprint, an episode of Airbender in comic form. The other is something from Free Comic Book Day last year, I think.
Thanks, History, for the Vikings beer! It's actually a case of San Mig Light, four bottles disguised as "Magnus Brew." I love it!
X-Men versus X-Men! It's a time-honored tradition. Wish they showed Moira's behavior modification process on the Blue Team, though. Still, it was a good battle, albeit a brief one. The Gold Team (with Banshee and Forge) flew to Magneto's Asteroid M using an invisible ship with no metal parts.

"I... was right... Cap..."
"Shut up, Summers! It's the first year anniversary of our AVX victory! Avengers Assemble!"

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