Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Objectifixation, Two

"So, the new Batman. What do you think, GL?"
"Please, Clark, let's not talk about casting. Still reeling from that Green Lantern movie."

The new, reassembled Vision was devoid of emotion (and color), contributing to the Scarlet Witch's breakdown. Late '80s stuff by John Byrne.

And speaking of Byrne… Alpha Flight! 1985. In the double-sized issue, the team enters the realm of the Great Beasts to save the soul of Walter Langkowski, whose Sasquatch form had been revealed as one of the ancient beings, and was killed by Snowbird. They manage to retrieve the soul and temporarily place it in the super-strong Box robot.

The X-Men interrupt the wedding of Caliban and Kitty Pryde! The teen X-Man was abducted by Callisto and the Morlocks, who made sure she kept her vow (she promised to marry Caliban if they helped the injured Colossus). But Caliban set her free.

From July's The Wolverine preview screening. The ticket, a free sticker, and a bottle opener.

The godlike Beyonder, facing the heroes of the Marvel Universe for the last time. It was a reformed villain, the Molecule Man, who ended his threat, the moment the Beyonder was vulnerable and mortal.

Prodigy! The ex-mutant retained absorbed knowledge, making him an expert in various martial arts and scientific fields. He just joined the Young Avengers, and kissed one of his new teammates!

"Feeble automaton! You are nothing to En Sabah Nur!"
"Whoa, chill, man! Juston here! I was just taking the Sentinel for a walk!"

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