Friday, October 18, 2013

Objectifixation, Five

"Hawr! The last coupl'a months have been fraggin' insane! Twilight Lobo and Batfleck--DC sure knows how to rile up the fanboys!"
"You forget Suicidal Harley In A Bathtub, Lobo. It's a trifecta!"

Avengers # 48. The Avengers activate the Sentinels and launch an attack on mutantkind! Just kidding. They used them to fight Kang, who immediately took control of the robots and sent them to Washington, DC. Also, this issue has a reprint of a Barry Windsor-Smith-drawn story, back when his art looked pretty bad. I know, I didn't think it was possible.
Wonder Woman + Storm = Amazon! From Amalgam Comics (the temporarily merged DC and Marvel Comics), 1996.

Thanks, 2nd Avenue, for sending me these cupcakes. I got to taste the one with bacon last week at the office (my coworkers and I ate someone else's cupcakes with permission).
And thanks for this cute mini-cake too! Even though I've no idea what that thing on the right is.
The all-new, all-different X-Force! 2001's line-wide revamp introduced a new group, a strike team that had nothing to do with the previous X-Force. The celebrity mutant-antiheroes later changed their group's name to X-Statix. Members got killed off a lot.

The quotable Northstar, from left: "'Tired' is for other people!" (Northstar # 1); "They love me, Mrs. Summers. Not because I am gay. Or because I am a mutant--but simply because I am a celebrity. I can live with that." (Uncanny X-Men # 392); "While I am not inclined to discuss my sexuality with people for whom it is none of their business--I am gay!" (Alpha Flight # 106); "You are what you are, my friend. There's no changing sides once God places you." (Uncanny X-Men # 414)

Bought the tape version almost 20 years ago, and this CD around 2000, when there were still Tower Records stores. Natalie Merchant and her last album with the gang.

"Mister Colossus? Hi, I'm Wiccan. Was wondering if you wanna hang out, grab some drinks. I'm single now."
"Nyet, comrade. You mistake me for Ultimate Colossus. I like younger females. Wait, that did not sound right! It was only one girl. She was 14. Wait, that sounds worse..."

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