Sunday, October 27, 2013

Objectifixation, Six

Halloween edition!

Franklin and Jigsaw.
"Whoa, mister, awesome Zombie Punisher costume!"

Fear Itself miniseries. Odin's secret sibling threatened to destroy the Earth with warriors wielding Asgardian hammers. But Iron Man made a deal with Odin, and Thor sacrificed himself for the nth time, so that fear was sort of short-lived.

Batman tracks a crook to a cemetery, and discovers long-buried crimes in an ancient crypt. Eerie done-in-one story by Dan Raspler. Excellent art by Mike Mignola.

Thanos and Death.
"But Mistress, I thought I was going to be the main villain of Avengers 2, too!"

The truth is scary scifi! Got this episode guide (four seasons, 80+ episodes) a while back. Some interesting character profiles too, before the mythology became convoluted. I hope there'll be a thick, illustrated character encyclopedia someday, preferably by DK Books.

Widowmaker. From my ancient McFarlane Toys collection. “I have multiple points of articulation! Well, these were considered a lot in ’96.”

The 1995 reprint. Horrific Darkseid recreates Dark Phoenix by collecting her energy from different parts of the Earth (including a butte where she and Scott... you know). Plus! Xavier sits on Metron's empty chair. Starfire absorbs Colossus' language by kissing him. And Cyclops briefly becomes a Phoenix host!

Franklin and Witchblade.
"Whoa, that's a nice 'costume,' lady."

West Coast Avengers Vs. the Night Shift! Halloween-themed villains, led by the secretly heroic Shroud: The Brothers Grimm, Needle, Dansen Macabre, Werewolf, Tick-Tock, Tatterdemallion, Gypsy Moth, and Digger.

Frankenstein, one of Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers of Victory. He was recently captured and dissected by Batman, who was bent on figuring out the secret to the monster’s immortality. The Dark Knight hoped that he could resurrect his recently deceased son, Damian, with that secret. Happy Halloween!

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