Friday, October 18, 2013

Spice of Life

Status updates, et cetera.

Oct. 3. Learning, learning. I like my job.
Oct. 7. Sorted stuff for Jerald's comic book drive. Picked a few that I can easily part with. I actually hesitated with stuff that I disliked; I didn't want to inflict some people's work on young readers. But then again, what I dislike for whatever reason could be gold to someone else, and I hope that someone will find joy in them anyway. It's a worthy cause, and I understand perfectly how comics can be a source of escape and happiness.
Oct. 15. I'm liking my change of pace, so far. I really didn't imagine myself becoming a full-time employee just a few months ago. I can say that I'm getting the hang of it now. I'm tired and kinda overwhelmed, but I'm feeling good. I like being around, or learning from so many hardworking people.
Oct. 17. Got my ID photo taken at the office yesterday. Photog's a real pro; he asked me to smile, but I'm not really the type who does that--I only give hesitant smirks, usually. But I gave it a shot and grinned a bit, after which he said "pogi." And then I smiled more comfortably in the next few shots. Wish I could flatter as adeptly; I actually admire how patient and skillful he was with getting me to pose properly, too.
Oct . 17. I still use my 10-year-old Ericsson phone. I know I should upgrade and all, but it still works.

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