Saturday, November 16, 2013

Drinking to That

Updates. Now with Tweets!

Oct. 30. Damn. I'm forty. :D
Nov. 3. What a week. Great seeing colleagues Nathalie and Ginger again. Watched Rob Schneider. Co-hosted with Marinel and Ervin at Radyo Inquirer. Worked during my birthday, which was okay; I don't usually go out, anyway. Had belated birthday dinner with family. Enjoying my first long weekend, which kinda feels like Sem Break. Only downside, earlier in the week, I met the least helpful publicist on Earth. But the less said about her, the better.
Nov. 6. Eating a mayo-less Zinger while reading flowery press releases.
Nov. 7. Dad just handed half a chicken sandwich. Mayo-y but yummy!
Nov. 8. Go away, supertyphoon.
Nov. 9. Been watching Sleepy Hollow. It's like a mashup of Supernatural and Angel, but with less humor.
Nov. 9. Woohoo! Okey na. #vaguebooking
Nov. 10. Done with editing for the day. Drawing naman.
Nov. 11. Downed two pitchers of mojito, beers and two plates of squid rings. Thanks for the late b-day meal and booze, Mark.
Nov. 11. Hangover blues. Paracetamol, do your stuff.
Nov. 13. Four beers, all by my lonesome. :D
Nov. 14. Drinking by myself. Already floating by the third. Spinning like a record baby, right round, round, round.
Nov. 14. Shooting at the walls of heartache, bang, bang. ♫
Nov. 15. Amicable. I like the word.
Nov. 15. Cheap vodka sent me spinning; zonked out pretty quickly. But not before the drunk selfies. #unwindingafterwork
Nov. 16. Got a Mickey Mouse hat dome cake. Thanks, Disney. #sosweet
Nov. 17. Yay, I can finally watch Doctor Who Season Six!

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