Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Giving Thanks or Eff Yous, Depending

Status updates, now with Tweets!

Nov. 17. Everyday is like cheat day.
Nov. 18. Korra!!!
Nov. 18. Sometimes at the office, a thought just makes me smile: "Wow, I work here."
Nov. 18. And it's cool that after writing for the paper for 11 years, I finally get to see people I only "met" at networking sites.
Nov. 18. Funny and interesting water cooler/comic book chat with Ramon R. :D
Nov. 19. Cloud 9 Salted Caramel. Agh. Crave-a-licious.
Nov. 21. Trying to remember if Veronica Mars had a "bad girl" phase. Buffy Summers did, and Jenna Hamilton is undergoing one. Hmm. #feetofclay
Nov. 21. Latest Awkward. "Thank you for being my hero." Onions. F*ck.
Nov. 22. Ignoring the bottle of vodka. Can't have a headache at work.
Nov. 22. Aaaaand I failed. lol
Nov. 24. Malamig na ulam ng Bodhi. I missed you.
Nov. 24. Kape, soft drinks, vodka. Halos walang tulog. Haha.
Nov. 25. No Xmas party number. Whew. I dreaded dancing to a OneD song.
Nov. 25. Feels like a long year, in a good way. #wheredidthetimego
Nov.26. One last call for alcohol so finish your whiskey or... tequila.
Nov. 27. Thumb cut by disposable razor in bag. Thought it was secure. Happens at least once a year. Klutz.
Nov. 27. Annoying last-minute cancellation of interview. Poorly coordinated event.
Nov.27. Coffee. We meet again. I need you.
Nov. 27. I will not fall asleeeeeeep................
Nov. 27. So close, yet so far away. #yeahvaguebooking
Nov 28. "Gentle" reminder. Right.

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