Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A taste for the peculiar

(From PDI-Entertainment’s Indie Bravo supplement, published Dec. 9.)

'Mientras Su Durmida (As He Sleeps)'

Sheron Dayoc’s “Mientras Su Durmida (As He Sleeps)” is about the situation of a woman caring for a paralyzed husband which, according to the filmmaker, is akin to “a cage of marriage.”

 “The film deals with perception of ‘morality’ in relation to women’s struggle for identity and freedom,” Dayoc says. “In a traditional and patriarchal society, women are [just] child-bearers, subservient to their husbands.”

“Mientras Su Durmida” won best short at the 2nd International Short Film Festival in Gornji Milanovac, Serbia. The film, Dayoc notes, poses questions that viewers can identify with:  “Is it a sin or immoral for the woman … to leave her husband to find herself and determine her worth?”

Working on the film revealed some truths about the medium, the writer-director says. “The foremost advantage of producing independent films is the freedom to choose peculiar stories [and execute them] with alternative treatment. The greatest challenge is financing.”

Dayoc is elated to be a second-time Indie Bravo! honoree. “I appreciate the fact that, after my older film ‘Halaw’ (2011) PDI is now recognizing my short film,” he said. “I have high regard for the newspaper, for consistently giving recognition to independent filmmakers.” Oliver Pulumbarit

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