Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Enormity, Incorporated

Updates and everything in between.

Nov. 28. Drinking and being merry.
Nov. 29. Worky worky. Coffee soon.
Nov. 29. Happier with Avengers Arena ending than Infinity's. Latter is still a good read though.
Nov. 30. Tingly. Drinking solo ain't such a sad sport. Now, to watch SHIELD. Hehe
Dec. 3. Trying real hard not to think about the enormity of everything. Damn, where's my beer.
Dec. 3. Our head editor on my muscles: "Who knew?" :D
Dec. 3. I'm smiling. Pardon me for being vague. I just... heh. #whoahoho
Dec. 3. Man, four hours of sleep, then coffee. Noticeably giddy, I think.
Dec. 3. Note to self: Slow down, Orly. Grab some shut-eye.
Dec. 3. Desk is a mess, but clutter reminds me of my room. :D #workingnormally
Dec. 4. Crunch time. Still waiting for responses to email. I am so drinking when this day is over. #boozerelaxesme
Dec. 4. Four hours of sleep but Energizer Bunny-ing since noon. Coffee made me fricking giddy, among other things. Interesting, revelatory day.
Dec. 4. Struggled for words, excised unnecessary bits, wrestled with flow. #editingstuff
Dec. 5. Vodka'd up. Mellow. Stress-free.
Dec. 5. Vodka after a good work day.
Dec. 5. Successfully avoided eye contact with a 20something dude while waiting at the bus stop last night. Thanks, but no. :)
Dec.6. Smiling after my mom reminded me to watch my alcohol intake. I feel like a rebellious teenager. #thanksmom
Dec. 6. A few weeks of 2013 left.
Dec. 7. Project Wide Awake, a.k.a. I'm rested enough to work after a liquored-up nap.
Dec. 8. Hey, old bed. I missed ya. #bodyaches
Dec. 9. Pick up a copy of today's Philippine Daily Inquirer and check out our annual Indie Bravo supplement. 28 filmmakers in this year's roster.
Dec. 9. Busy, bizzy.
Dec. 9. PDI anniversary buffet! Yum.
Dec. 9. Finally understanding the meaning of "ngarag." Feels great to be more involved than usual, though.
Dec. 9. Aahhh! Just got a Daniel Merriweather CD. #nothingsgonnachange
Dec. 10. Whew. Nakaraos. Senior editors were away for a couple of hours (and our desk ed was absent and recuperating) so I was asked to assemble an issue. Got through it with a lot of help. I was a tad frantic, but thankfully, the atmosphere was festive (everybody got to eat; it was PDI's anniversary!). I had some edited articles by the time the other eds got there. And they still worked even after a busy time at the Indie Bravo screening. So it was inspiring. Good, exhausting, funny day.
Dec. 10. PDI 28th anniversary. I've got a lot of nice memories that center on my affiliation with the paper, and new ones that are currently being made. I think one event that stands out is the talk we had in 2005 for some college students. I was one of the speakers (the roster included Pam Pastor, Ruey De Vera, Isagani Yambot, etc.). I do hope that those kids turned out fine and are actively pursuing related careers.

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