Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fowl connection

Cultural discourse enlivens the funny and flippant “Ang Turkey Man ay Pabo Rin,” about an interracial couple acclimating to each others’ native traditions. The comedy by Randolph Longjas smartly zeroes in on an interesting subject that’s been in the periphery and the national consciousness; while it’s light and quite predictably sitcom-ish, it’s nonetheless a timely and well-timed dissection.   

Tuesday Vargas plays the loud and showy Pinay single mom Cookie, who hits it off immediately with her online lover; Travis Kraft plays the mild-mannered American Matthew (or “Machu,” because, well, he’s macho). 

Matthew and Cookie are smitten with each other, but the quirks in their relationship, primarily the customs that both have grown accustomed to, present challenges that they didn’t expect. Superstitions, hygiene practices, and a turkey dinner—these and more are discussed, quite riotously.  

The mockumentary-style storytelling helps get some points across. Matthew’s thoughts on the language barrier and Cookie’s upbeat personality are enhanced sufficiently because of the interspersed “interviews.” Still, it’s a tight script, and hilarious stuff are woven into the “regular” scenes. Initial doubts on the credibility of this particular “unlikely” pairing aside, the film works in showing the universality of basic desires, and makes the viewer root for the seemingly incompatible and temporary couple.

“Ang Turkey Man ay Pabo Rin” is an Ayala Cinemas exclusive.

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