Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Promoting progressive thinking

(From PDI-Entertainment’s Indie Bravo supplement, published Dec. 9.)

‘Oros (The Coinbearer)’

“As a filmmaker, I wanted my work to be as real as possible and just let the phenomenon and milieu speak for themselves,” relates “Oros (The Coinbearer)” writer-producer-director Paul Sta. Ana.

 “‘Oros’ is a disturbing tale about exploitation that need not be sensationalized,” he explains. “All I did was to be sincere and sensitive in telling the story of these two brothers in the dead-for-rent business.”

Sta. Ana is writer-director of GMA News TV’s docu-drama series, “Wagas.” His previous screenwriting credits include the acclaimed “Huling Pasada” (2008), “Mayohan” (2010) and “Bisperas” (2011). Sta. Ana also wrote for GMA 7’s “Amaya” and “My Husband’s Lover.”

In 2012, he helmed “Oros,” which won best feature at the Washington DC Independent Film Festival in March. The film has been exhibited in nine festivals abroad.

Sta. Ana observes, “The audience of Philippine independent films is steadily growing. Indies are becoming more accessible in terms of venues made available for public screenings.”

Independent cinema encourages progressive thinking, he says. “It allows difficult truths to be revealed and unique styles of visual storytelling to emerge.” Oliver Pulumbarit

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