Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Objectifixation, Eight

WildCATs/X-Men , by Scott Lobdell and Jim Lee. '60s-era Marvel Girl and Grifter team up and share a kiss. Mr. Sinister also manages to get her DNA sample, and Zealot offers to train Grifter.
Nightcrawler and Havok.
"Unglaublich! It feels great to be back, mein freund! What have you been doing lately?"
"Telling people we're all the same. Um, inside."

Three-issue series David Hontiveros gave me for my birthday in '95, by Kurt Busiek and Neil Vokes. I gotta read this again.

The Legion, during its wholesome and cutesy (but still kinda sexy) phase. The teammates spend some time at the beach. Late '90s.

Kevin Keller, the Archie-verse's first gay boy. He and the misunderstood guy, Devon Walters, became a couple this year. Kevin ultimately ended up with someone else in the future timelines (yep, plural) of the series Life of Archie.

Sunspot punching a girl. Actually, in the story, she (Julie Power, a.k.a. Molecula) was disguised as a tall monster.
"I know who I want to take me home.”

Shattered Image, circa 1997. The miniseries got rid of the Extreme sub-universe. Pretty unmemorable, but I still love that Kingdom Come homage cover by Travis Charest.
Shadowcat and Cannonball, thankful.
"I'm thankful for the chance to mentor the original X-Men, even though bringing them to the present is a royally dumb idea." "Ah'm thankful for Lila. And Boom Boom. And Dani. And Smasher."

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