Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Day for You

Status updates and tuh-weets.

Dec. 29. My best friend is watching Doctor Who. Finally! #yaytimelord
Jan. 2. Doctor Who Season 7. Took some time, but I really like Matt Smith/11 and the Ponds now. #happycrying #drwhomarathon
Jan. 2. Smaug yesterday. Really intense action scenes. Tauriel and Legolas kicked a$$. Lee Pace elf was creepy. Spiders too.
Jan. 2. Done really early. Yay! Next up, weekend stuff... maybe draw, drink or watch. #hmmmm
Jan. 4. Ice cream and leche flan. Yum. #sweettoothsurrender
Jan. 4. Happy that exes are happy. Very Wilson Phillips-y but I really am glad for 'em. #noillwill #lifeissweet
Jan. 7. I need a new desk calendar. Maybe two.
Jan. 7. Catching my breath. #rollercoasterdays
Jan. 8. Insane day yesterday. I should be sleeping but I can't. #visainterview #edeskmeeting #workworkwork #love
Jan. 9. Glad for some things we don't and won't share hereabouts.
Jan. 10. Second new calendar in 24 hours.
Jan. 11. Sad to see Young Avengers go. Solid and relevant series. Issue 15, gayest issue ever.
Jan. 11. So. Doctor Who season 7. Just finished the part where the Ponds... argh!
Jan. 13. Done with Girls Season 2. Skintastic.
Jan. 20. New issue done. Doctor Who thon next!
Jan. 22. Hit the ground running a few days ago, and easily adjusted to the time zone change, but I've yet to really get some rest. Day off, I will just lie down and catch some z's.
Jan.22. Craving ice cream, of all things.
Jan. 22. I was asked--quite nicely--if I wanted to draw in response to that "I'm in" meme. I replied reflexively, "For free? Can you imagine how difficult it was to get illustrating jobs years ago?"
But I get it; it's cute. It's just not my thing.
Jan. 23. Inulam ang KFC Double Down sa kanin.

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