Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dreams Go Bouncing in Your Head

Microblogs, compiled!

Jan. 23. Blogged again after weeks of not posting anything. Anyway, the old blog turned nine earlier this month. Time flies at superspeed when you're having fun. And even when you're not.
Jan. 26. Loving the cold weather. And I bought a tub of chocolate ice cream. #frozendelight
Jan. 26. Day of the Doctor! It's like Legion of Three Worlds. Except with Doctors. Spectacular team-up.
Jan. 27. Love this cool weather. Just... perfect.
Jan. 27. "People have to come to things on their own term. You have to learn when honesty is righteous, and when honesty is nothing more than a parlor trick." -- Jasper (Richard E. Grant), 'Girls' Season 3, episode 1. Love Lena Dunham for writing this.
Jan. 28. Haven't had a drop of alcohol in about a month.
Jan. 30. Staff currently eating fortune cookies. Lotto numbers behind the fortunes. #woodhorse
Jan. 30. Three issues done! Yay, team!
Feb. 1. Parang gusto ko ng pizza. Pero walang bukas nang ganitong oras...
Feb. 4. Lego Movie. So trippy and insane. Love it to pieces!
Feb. 6. Caffeinated. #soawake
Feb. 8. Eating Cheap Kit Kat, a.k.a. Pik One.
Feb. 9. Interviewed filmmaker spouses Jun Lana and Perci Intalan earlier. Smart, compassionate guys.
Feb. 10. Walking Dead. Salamat at bumalik ka na.
Feb. 11. Ayos.
Feb. 11. Getting used to five-hour sleeps. Not good.
Feb. 12. Yey. Natapos din. Gusto ko manood ng Community.
Feb. 12. 'Twas an Amy Grant pop album kinda day. In a good way.
Feb. 13. Proofreaders. They're cool. They see stuff that I miss.
Feb. 13. Oh, man. Found an ancient Word document where I compiled a few Friendster testimonials. This has gotta be my fave:
"I don't have friends, only lovers."
That's my favorite Oliver quote.
Oliver is an editor's dream. He writes well, submits on time and basically kicks major ass.
Oliver is one of the coolest people in my book.
(Pam P.)
Just to clarify, I remember that she was texting me to pick up some concert tickets at the office. I just finished an assignment in Laguna (or Batangas, I can't remember) so I told her I couldn't drop by. "Can your friends get them?" I think she asked. And I dunno why (maybe I was sleep-deprived) but I joked, "Sorry, I don't have friends, eh. Only lovers. :)" Yikes.
Feb. 15. Time to regroup, reboot. I'm not feeling tense and anxious anymore; I drank nightly for weeks after work, just to help me sleep. But I haven't had a drop in a month and a half. Just need to sleep for more than five hours. #deskconfessional
Feb 15. Rediscovering push-ups and other exercises, before renewing the gym membership. The rusty old dumbbells are helpful, too. I miss my gym machines.

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