Friday, March 14, 2014

I Know This Much is True

Cyberdimensional updates.

Feb. 18. Pizza! #thankssender
Feb. 21. Headache at work earlier (coworker said I looked pale and like I had blush-on on), But paracetamol kicked its butt. #betternow
Feb. 22. The other night, my friend and I had a great time talking about nepotism, pseudo-tastemakers, and dreadful divas over drinks and pulutan.
Feb. 24. Sent my friend a link to someone's badly written movie review while on the landline. He read it aloud; we both laughed so hard repeatedly.
Feb. 24. And you wanted to dance. So I asked you to dance. But fear is in your soul. #duranduran
Feb. 26. That feeling when you accidentally bite your inner cheek while eating. #yargh
March 1. Michael Cudlitz (Abraham in TWD) played the zombie jock in the Buffy ep The Zeppo. What!
\March 3. Saw the Looking ep where Jonathan Groff's character is crushing on Ears.
March 4. Blushed when a coworker remembered something I did in a past incarnation. That was cool. Anyway, I wish I could see myself blushing, but I grab my mirror too late every time.
March 4. Allan Heinberg's been writing and producing for Looking. Good. He's in his element.
March 5. One thing you realize when you're older? You may have paid your dues, but you never stop proving your worth. Never.
March 6. I understand how we can come off as vain and utterly self-important. But that's how social networking has changed things. I pick and edit what I post, and speaking only for myself, I'm comfy with sharing "happy" stuff and skipping those that detail personal agonies--usually. It's just a fraction of who I am and what I do, and these days, I'm also appreciating things that don't make it past the keyboard.
March 7. My editor just told me that I bring out the maternal instinct of some people at work. Hehe.
March 7. Also, she congratulated me for becoming regularized, and officially, "a slave." :)
March 7. True Detective, you better have a great season ender/big reveal. Loving your craziness, so far.
March 9. Met and interviewed Gabriel Macht. Tall, charismatic guy. He'd have made a great Captain America. But he was an okay Spirit.
March 12. Pizza! Again! Yum.
March 13. Finally had the gym membership renewed. Worked out longer and did more reps, as I won't be there as often as before. I feel good. Body's gonna ache all over in the next coupl'a days. Gonna hurt so good.

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