Saturday, May 10, 2014

Summer Sunshine

Status updates, et cetera.

March 15. The 1975 in Manila! Mall tour in two weeks! Aahh!
March 20. "I only wanted you to like me."
March 25. FB-chatted with a friend yesterday. I mistakenly put a response on the comments section. Deleted it. Sorry for the fuck-up. #scatterbrain
March 25. Sometimes, of course, there are doubts and regrets. ("I could've been a better son, sibling, person.") But you make the best of what you've got. And try not to make others miserable.
March 28. Conscious coupling.
March 29. Really enjoyed Captain America 2. Excellent stunts, tightly told story. Excited about one of two end credits scenes.
March 29. Sobrang busog kanina sa birthday celebration ni Jaycee.
April 8. Craving pizza.
April 11. Latest SHIELD episode's a Winter Soldier tie-in. So good!
April 13. Been realizing the importance of days off. Earlier, I just ate pizza, then read comics in bed, while listening to music. There were stacks of comics that feel like I've only seen and read for the first time (damn, so that was Raven's origin pre-Crisis?). And with all the clutter strewn about, my room kinda looked like a pigsty. But hey, it's mine, and I can be lazy today.
April 15. Boy. Mercury. Shooting through every degree.
April 16. Three issues done. Yay, team! Holy Week vaycay!
April 17. Daario regenerated.
April 23. Tatlong oras lang ang tulog. First assessment meeting. May natutunan. Pagkatapos, tinanong ako ni Ruey kung nagko-comics pa ako (sabi ko, oo, para rin ituluy-tuloy ko na pag walang pasok). Kape. Edit. Ngayon, naghihintay na mawala ang trapik sa Edsa.
April 26. Twelve years ago, my first article was published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer. I remember sending different articles at a certain period, until one review was used by then-editor of the Metro-Entertainment section, Sir Louie Camino, who asked me to keep writing for him. I never stopped. Even after he passed away, the generosity continued; his replacement Ma'am Emmie Velarde "adopted" me and let me continue writing movie reviews and reports. I also contributed to the 2BU, Super, and Sunday Inquirer sections, as well as the Libre paper. Now with over 600 articles to my name (I actually lost count when I got hired last year), and as one of the Entertainment section editors, I continue to feel lucky, constantly awed by smart and talented people whose works and thoughts I get to see and read because of this job. Thank you. It's a lifesaver. It's a great, educational job, and I am always thankful for the opportunity to write.
April 27. Dear PR agency/publicist friends:
Just a few things:
1) Please don't ask multiple sections of one newspaper to your press event, to interview the same subject/s. Not only does it cause confusion among colleagues, we are discouraged from doing stories on the same thing. Now, I understand that multiple stories make the client happy, but please, spare us the hassle.
2) If your client is someone who can't be bothered to wait for a few minutes because we got caught in bad traffic, or decides that he or she needs to be somewhere else all of a sudden, don't bother asking for an interview. The whole scenario wastes time and energy.
3) If you invite us to your events, expect that we'd ask for a separate, one-on-one interview, something exclusive for our paper, and not just be content with your main press con Q&A. Otherwise, just send a press release.
I've worked for and alongside some of you, and I've witnessed how tough and crazy it can be. But I hope those things can be avoided in the future. Thanks.
May 2. Bought Mervin's Tabi Po comic. Enjoyed it a lot! Binasa ko na sa site yung next chapters. Galing.
May 2. Mostly enjoyed Spidey.
May 10. Odd that I have two ex-girlfriends among my FB contacts. But I'm glad they're really happy and stuff. #yeah #pastlife

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