Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cloud-based service allows real-time viewing

(July 17, PDI-Entertainment)
By Oliver M. Pulumbarit

Couch potatoes have gone beyond viewing favorite shows only on TV screens, thanks to the Internet. One company provides an orderly, easily accessible system for such dedicated viewers, via tablets, phones and/or other gadgets.

A cable TV-streaming service launched last year in the United States, NimbleTV ( is cloud-based. Subscribers around the world can watch the shows as they air in their countries of origin on most Internet-ready devices.

Inquirer Entertainment was invited to test the service. In the limited time offered, much was discovered—intriguing channels to browse, shows to see, and see again. Surfing took up much of the time; it can be hard to decide which programs to view now or save (record) for later. 

The NimbleTV dashboard is easily navigable; the page layout is intuitive. The show may be viewed full-screen or shrunk into a corner if you wish to check out the schedule for other shows.

Nearly all genres are offered—reality TV, game shows, cartoons, and so on.

While the shows are recordable, one drawback is when something you’re watching gets interrupted with the notice, “Please wait while we verify your subscription with your provider. This may take a minute.”

It doesn’t take that long, but still. Or you are asked to wait while the channel guide is being updated. At times, it resets to where your show started, so it can get confusing.

In any case, it’s still convenient and generally reliable. Plus, shows like “True Blood” are aired without jarring cuts.

Interested parties may try the service for a limited period. Visit Viewers who wish for the service to be made available in the Philippines should contact NimbleTV via Facebook  ( and Twitter (@NimbleTV).

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