Thursday, July 24, 2014

Objectifixation, Sixteen

"Woohoo! I have a TV show! Take that, Pietro!"
“I don't know. I keep seeing Grant Gustin as an evil Warbler."

Targaryen sigil pillow. Thanks, Art Navarro and HBO Asia!

Found this old vinyl record under a stack of drawings. A friend gave it to me in '89, I think.

Sale stuff. That Supergirl 1 Million issue is weird.

Longshot and Psylocke.
"Dazzler needs an intervention! That costume!"
"I know! At least you left that Limahl look in the '90s."

Unforgettable 1991 ad for (adjectiveless) X-Men # 1 that appeared in many Marvel titles.
"A talking raccoon, Frank! Maybe they'll give me a reboot."
"Yeah, that'll probably happen after I get my fourth doomed movie, Howard."

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