Saturday, August 30, 2014

Objectifixation, Seventeen

"Cyclops, it's time for a truce! Guardians of the Galaxy opens today. I'm assembling the Avengers!"
"For once, Cap, I agree! To me, my X-Men!"

That time when John Byrne suckered his readers into believing that the dead hero Guardian had resurrected. I believed it!

Enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy so much that I bought this Drax action figure shortly after watching. First Marvel Legends figure in years.

Wanted to own the original. Fantastic album. To my sister, thanks for getting it!

Woo-who. Cute. And compatible with Lego. Thanks, Sis.

GOTG cap! Cool freebie.

Ninja Spawn and Angela.
"So, Angela, how is the Marvel Universe treating you?"
"Like She-Ra!"

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