Sunday, September 28, 2014

Announcing engagement ‘liberating’ for Dingdong

(Sept. 7, PDI Entertainment)
By Oliver M. Pulumbarit

Cagayan de Oro—“It was very liberating because it was something that I really wanted to share with the public,” said actor Dingdong Dantes of his televised second engagement to girlfriend Marian Rivera four weeks ago.

“We’ve nurtured our relationship for more than five years,” the actor said at the press con for GMA 7’s “Kagay-an Festival 2014” recently. The couple will tie the knot on Dec. 30.

Dantes kept mum about the wedding sponsors but volunteered, “On Sept. 7 (today), Marian and I will have an initial meeting with them. We will issue a video release.”

Photo by Oliver Pulumbarit
The actor’s visit to this province involved donating books and school supplies to an elementary school. “It’s our fourth stop since we started early this year,” Dantes said. “We aim to identify key areas—where school bags are needed most. We are also giving away  comic books and [materials like] pencils, etc. It varies because we have different donors at every stop. But it’s all to inspire better education.”

Dantes, currently commissioner-at-large for the National Youth Commission, graced a Comelec registration event at a nearby mall. He shrugged at speculations that the activities are part of preparations for a political career.

“I’ve just always done what I think is right,” he quipped. “That’s what’s important.”

Was that a yes then?

He told the Inquirer: “Right now, if you ask me, I don’t have an answer because I’m occupied with so many things—projects with GMA 7, duties at the National Youth Comission. These require my [undivided] attention. It would be unfair to [think of other major things] now.”

Dantes, 34, said he is able to juggle show biz and outreach duties because he has “good managers.” He elaborated, “You have to [farm out  duties] to people you trust. Schedule-wise, there’s time management; I make sure I never leave anything half-baked.”  

At this point in his show biz career, Dantes wishes to accomplish more things with his home network and people who continue to guide him. “I entered the business in my formative years, more than 15 years ago. They are still there for me. I owe them so much,” he said.

His relationship with the network is at that stage, he said, where it’s giving him new opportunities. “We’re coproducing our Metro Manila Film Festival entry, ‘Kubot,’ sequel to ‘Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles.’  I’m always looking forward to new engagements.”

As for reprising his “Tiktik” monster-slayer character Makoy, Dantes revealed that shooting has become more challenging: “No more green screens; it’s even more high-tech now with animation over the footage.”

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