Friday, October 31, 2014

Objectifixation, Nineteen

Jake the dog and Finn the human. Half price.

Gamora kicking butt on Monster Island. Yes, that was her comic book costume, which looks way better than her current generic anime warrior-looking one.

Gotham penguin plushie. Thanks for this, Grace and Havas!

Spidey gets defensive.
"Hey, my movie made money, too! And what do you mean it's a downer? That death really happened in the comics!"

"Atom, you're really Brandon Routh under that mask, right? Guy who played Superman?"
"Yes, Goliath. Why?"
"...No reason."
The wedding of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. Good issue by Bendis and Coipel.

"Diana, you remind me of Xena!"
"Wanda, you remind me of twincest!"

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