Monday, November 24, 2014

Objectifixation, Twenty

What a cool toy. “Armor-Up Baymax” is approximately 8 inches tall. Shinier than what I’m accustomed to, but a good figure, nonetheless. The armor can be assembled and removed easily. I’ll make Baymax interact with my other Marvel toys now. I’m interested in getting related figures, too. They’re cute, hehe. Thanks, Jay G and Bandai!  #belatedbday #bighero6

"Hulk smash Ultron-controlled Hulkbuster Iron Man!"
"I will destroy the Avengers using Stark's weapons, like Ra's Al Ghul used Batman's JLA protocols in 'Tower of Babel!'"

Grimm candy coffin. #morbidmuch #sweetsurrender #lipslikesugar (Thanks, Lhen!)

Thanos triumphant.

Meat! Thanks for the birthday steak, Mark P.

Ancient Buffy mag.
"Real love isn't brains, children. It's blood. It's blood screaming inside you to work its will." – Spike #lovesickvamp #nottwilight

Inquirer Entertainment's table is filled with goodies. Thanks, Stratworks friends, for the awesome surprise. 

"Star-Lord, I want to meet Rocket. Where is he?"
"Oh, I dunno, he's probably busy... saving civilians!"
(Thanks for the toy, Benedict!)

The mango cheesecake (left) that Resorts World gave me was fantastic, as well. The other stuff are stuff I brought.

"I detect signs of alcohol abuse, Mr. Stark."
"Shut up, Iron Giant!"

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