Sunday, December 28, 2014


Status updates, compiled.

Nov. 19. Fighting fate, for real this time. ‪#‎dietchange
Nov. 25. Seventh day of skipping fried/fast food, alcohol, soft drinks, etc. Been subsisting on healthy stuff. The cravings, they're hard to ignore sometimes. But so far, I am prevailing. ‪#‎newdiet ‪#‎survivalmode
Dec. 20. One month of skipping KFC--but I still get their garden salad (I'm probably one of the few who buys that from the nearby branch)--and thankfully, I don't miss fried chicken that much. At the flights to and from Bangkok, I was given a cup of ice cream each, but both times, I only ate about a teaspoon, content with just tasting it a bit.
A month ago, I reeled from the doctor's diagnosis: I'm in danger of either a heart attack or stroke--I'd be a "dead man walking" if I didn't change. My bad cholesterol was off the charts; my liver and uric acid were similarly problematic. So it was goodbye, fast food, seafood, alcohol, coffee, nuts, etc. I dreaded losing chances to hang out with friends; we only seem to get together and converse over food and drinks--lots of 'em!--these days. And I have to take some meds to complement the new diet.
I do feel better now. The struggle continues. I need to be healthier, stronger. I will have my cheat days, eventually.
Dec. 27. Got my new blood chem results. Cholesterol is back to normal! Uric acid level's actually below normal by a few points. Will have to ask the doctor about which meds I can stop taking. But yeah, will continue this healthier diet. I fit into more clothes now. I do feel lighter and am more mobile. ‪#‎yay

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