Saturday, January 22, 2005

Wise Words for the Mushy

Eh. Just feeling sappy. Lyrics that keep playing in my head lately:
“All I ever wanted was to feel the way you feel. All I ever wanted was the chance to make it real. And I’m in love with you…”
--Dirty Vegas, “Ghosts”

“Don’t you know that I can make a dream that’s barely half-awake come true? I wanted to say, but everything I could’ve said, I felt somehow that you already knew.”
--‘Til Tuesday, “Coming Up Close”

“And we’ll blow away forever soon, and go on to different lands. And please do not ever look for me, but with me you will stay. And you will hear yourself in song, blowing by one day…”
--Suzanne Vega, “Gypsy”

"Forget that our time is almost up..."
--Gin Blossoms, "As Long As It Matters"


Tobie said...

Here's another to add there:

"Created you a monster, broken by the rules of love... and faith has lead you through this, you do what you have to do..."
You do What you have to do, Sarah Mclachlan

"Sometimes, I can feel you want me to touch you, but how can I when you build a Great Wall around you..."
China, Tori Amos

OLIVER said...

Poignant stuff, tobes. :) I'd also like to add:

"You stopped and pointed and you said, 'That's a crocus.' And I said, 'What's a crocus?' And you said, 'it's a flower.' I tried to remember, but I said, 'what's a flower?' You said, 'I still love you'."
--Dar WIlliams, "February"

boi_bitch said...

sarah, tori...i love. :)
hmmm, i need to get a copy of your comic book.

OLIVER said...

Hey Boi!

Thanks for dropping by.

Yeah, Sarah and Tori,love 'em too. I remember hearing them for the first time and scouring the record shops for their albums. I got Fumbling Towards Ecstacy and Little Earthquakes on cassette tapes... heheh. I wasn't able to get Sarah's debut Touch... was able to borrow it from a friend, though.

Yes, I do hope you get to read "Lexy, Nance" soon. :)

sky said...

hi oliver! i made sure i got a copy of your obra today. wow, i finished it in one sitting. it makes me yearn for the good old college days when i was also a free spirit myself, and all i had were friends 24/7.

and threesomes--there really is no such thing as a daisy chain. everybody's involved. *contemplates like that baldwin guy in "threesome", over a bottle of beer wondering how did that touching (and more for me) happened*

three is a magic number
--blind melon

Tobie said...

Unless only two are having sex and the third falls in love.

OLIVER said...

Hey body electric! Thanks for buying the book! :) :D
Yes, everyone's involved... even if no one wants to admit it... or even if weird feelings pop up. Heheh, I'm a sex therapist alluva sudden. ;) Thanks again! Interesting blog btw.

Tobie, hey, that sounds familiar... anong movie ito (or personal experience)? Kidding.

Tobie said...


personal experience would be more

three people having sex, falling in love with one another. or so one believed, until the two others admitted simply using the other to have sex with the one they preferred.

rmacapobre said...

> lyrics .. mushy

Its not the pale moon that excites me
That thrills and delights me,
Oh no
Its just the nearness of you