Sunday, May 08, 2005

Shiny Happy Person

Happiness for me is a work in progress, but I can safely say that I really am happier and more content these days. I’m definitely counting my blessings, because there are times that I do tend to forget in the never-ending mad whirl and just take things for granted. While there will always be obstacles in the form of envious, two-faced and malicious individuals, I continuously learn and am assured that they cannot ruin the things I have worked for these past few years. The things I treasure most are the people that I love and those who love me unconditionally. I also have the gift and will to create, which I constantly hone because I want to please myself first and foremost. I don’t feel or think that I’m above anyone, except perhaps those who act horribly towards me and those who feel the need to damn me for imagined troubles. In a world shaped by opinion, both informed or not, I do my best to form my valuable own, and be comfortable in my little space in this sphere.

Whether it’s an occasional byline, a filling meal, or quiet moments with those who matter, I am grateful. I am not complacent; I know I never will be, but I’m more appreciative of the good things that I get. I am here in whichever place I am because I worked hard for it. I still do. And I am loving myself, and believing in myself, more each day. It’s about time, too.


Anonymous said...

i like what you wrote here. u should be grateful talaga, man. i read ur sex, gods and whatever (rock and roll pala :)) it was a blast. really made me think. one of the comics that i like. having a talent like that, that's something. u know, everytime u feel down, just remember there are people who look up to u because of the works u've done. keep it up, dude.

OLIVER said...

Hello Chase!
Saw a link to your blog ar Carl's corner. Thanks for linking me up.

Thanks for the comment. Wow, I admit that it's a hard thing, when(some) people look up to me. But yes, there's no place I'd rather be. Glad that people get affected positively.

JaymsterBean said...

hey oliver!

great post! i wish i could be like you. hehe.

getting there... ***fingers crossed***

OLIVER said...

Jamie- Thanks! We all measure success or achievements differently... just do what makes you feel fulfilled and keep enjoying the opportunities that allow you to improve as a person. Naks, parang self-help book. Hehe. Pero you know what I mean. ;)

JaymsterBean said...


i won't read any self-help books na. i just have to read your blog! haha.

ayuz! take care always :)