Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Been Downhearted Baby

“Am I alive or thoughts that drift away? Does summer come for everyone? Can humans do as prophets say? And if I die before I learn to speak, can money pay for all the days I lived awake but half asleep?”
--Primitive Radio Gods, “Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money in My Hand”

Saw the video of that excellent old song over at MTV’s VH1 show, which has a cool selection of mostly adult contemporary hits and obscure singles. Been watching that when I can, along with MTV Nights, which nightly shows old new wave (heh, “old new wave”) and recent techno and alternative music videos. Wow. If you can’t stand the channel’s regular programming and rotating bubblegum staples during the day, that late night block, or whatever it is you call it, is worth tuning in to. Pale Fountains, The Cure, Sigor Ros, Chicane, Goldfrapp, Train, Echo and the Bunnymen, Moby … nice mix, overall. I also saw Lightning Seeds' Ian Broudie and noticed that our old glasses looked kinda similar.

I only wore them for a few months. I don't even wear glasses at all now. It's pychosomatic, I guess. Felt that my eyes were occasionally blurry during this period. This was taken about eleven years ago, when the class' paper animation music video won in the (dunno if I remember this right) Film Academy of the Philippines' animation category. Wrote the Tagalog lyrics for that, too. Ah, hectic school days, I don't miss you.

Anyway, back to the PRG song. That felt more bittersweet and ponderous than usual, because those lines above somewhat described an unusually unproductive day. I’m restless. Just felt uninspired today. I just felt lacking in energy and took two naps. I don’t feel like working in the next few days. I just wanna have fun. Being cooped up in my workplace slash bedroom alone can be tiring.

I need contact.

“A life is time, they teach us growing up. The seconds ticking killed us all, a million years before the fall. You ride the waves and don’t ask where they go. You swim like lions through the crest and bathe yourself on zebra flesh…”

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