Monday, November 14, 2005

Living in Dreamtime

Image hosted by Photobucket.comGods... I'm sleepy. This pic was taken weeks ago, but it sums up how I feel now.

After over a week of just bumming around and waiting, I was suddenly bombarded with work. Pretty average workload, though. Just finished writing (and rewriting) three totally unrelated things earlier. I’m tired, but I just wanna take this time to update the old bloggy. It’s a little scary to know and meet people who actually read this tiny space in cyberspace. But thank you, dear visitors. Check out the linked journals if you haven’t already. They’re interesting and diverse. Am also glad that some people who get introduced to those involving blogs find them enjoyable too, and link them.

Just a few things from the week that was:

1. Loose women figures. Dropped by Festival Mall twice last week and got two loose (unpackaged) female action figures: A Marvel Legends Black Widow and a Marvel Select She-Hulk, both at Black Dragon. Lovely. Also got an unopened Cyclops figure from the latest ML series at the shop for P 20 off the regular price. It looks good, except for the his boots and gloves (hey, Toy Biz, the paint job looks really muddy, like he waded in a marsh or something). Oh, I also got the Jon Stewart Green Lantern (from the new 5-figure JLA set) at the nearby Jae’s Collectibles shop. They were selling the figures separately, fresh off the box. Am slowly building a JLA and an Avengers team. Will take pics of them one day.

2. I.C. Perez. Hmm, George Perez did some uncredited flashback pages in the second issue of Infinite Crisis. His style is easily recognizable. It's much cleaner than penciler Phil Jimenez', who has also improved considerably. Jimenez, whose style once aped Perez’ (his page layouts are still influenced by him, I think), now draws faces and bodies differently. His work looks a little influenced by Phil Winslade; the facial expressions and linework seem busier and darker than his previous comic book works. Nice.

3. Dog milk. Oh my god. I saw probably the most uncomfortably hilarious episode of South Park ever! Cartman and the other boys innocently play with male dogs. They really play with them. As in, they jerk them off until they squirt what the kids assume is milk. The adults are shocked to witness one such act of “milking”, so they demand that the school teach the kids sex education. Even the pre-schoolers. Two of the teachers, though, know zilch about sex. But a third teacher, the guy with the puppet, knows too much. And he’s assigned the pre-school class.

4. Bangled up. “I want to show you the picture I drew when I was on the phone talking to you: I made a heart and I colored it red, 'cause I want you here on my side of the bed… I've been dreaming since I was born, and in my dreams I see eyes like yours. I'll be the pillow where you lay your head. If you'll come and sleep on my side of the bed…”
(Susanna Hoffs, “My Side of the Bed”)

This old favorite has been playing in my head for days already. I first heard it in 1990. I wanna listen to it again, but none of the cassette players work anymore. Hmpf. And yeah, I feel the song ‘cause I miss… stuff. I need stuff. I want stuff. Stuff is good.


gumby said...

Ano ba yan - I love that song by Susanna Hoffs din! Geez, ang dami pala nating songs na gusto pareho hehehe. Anyway, wish you dropped by sa DK nung Saturday, daming food! :)

OLIVER said...

hahaha :D Love that song. Good to know that someone else appreciates it. Yeah, Gumby, mukhang magkapareho tayo halos ng taste sa music! :)

I had Dicky buy me a few comics from Druid's... had to attend a screening kasi. Sana merong sale uli... gusto ko makita yung toys eh...