Sunday, December 11, 2005

Too Much Passion... never enough. Smithereens song from 1992.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWith brainiacs Andrew and Vinnie
Image hosted by Photobucket.comWith Yvie Molina

Yesterday was the launch of Siglo: Passion, Project Hero, and Dean Alfar’s Philippine Speculative Fiction anthology at Fully Booked Greenhills. Went there with Benedict to pick up my complimentary copy of Siglo (I did a pinup), and we didn't really expect to stay long, but we met and chatted with a lot of people from the local comics scene. It was fun. Thanks to Enrique, whose name I didn’t remember immediately (sorry about that, man—how do I access your blog, by the way?), to Yvie Molina, who brought her Lexy copy to be signed (and thanks for the pictures, above, too), to Dean and the gang, and to those who had their books signed. Left two hours later with Sky; we dropped him off at the MRT’s Ortigas station. Watched a bunch of old Angel episodes at the house later, swapped and opened up some bargain bin-He-Man figs, and talked about everything else again after. Cool day, overall.

New Mutants
Got these pics here. Angel (Ben Foster) and Juggernaut (Vinnie Jones), some of the new characters from X-Men 3, to be released next year:


sky said...

thanks to you guys on the ride home. till next time, oliver!

oliver said...

You're welcome. :) Thanks too. Great hanging out with you.

Enrique "Smokin Anubis" Villasis said...

hi oliver! enrique here... nice artwork on siglo. my new blog is here tinagalog na saint vladimyr... in any case.

oliver said...

Hey Enrique!

Finally saw your new blog. Thanks for linking up mine. :)

Regarding the Siglo pinup, thanks! Glad you like it. Happy holidays!