Friday, July 27, 2007

It Must've Been Because, Because, Because

Selling the Drama

Stuff for Sale!

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Toys

-Set of five action figures from Series 1, P3,500.00 (Negotiable)

-Sam, Frodo, Legolas, Strider (Aragorn), Gandalf (each has various accessories)

-All unopened and in great condition, released in 2001

- - - - - - - - -
Lexy, Nance & Argus: Sex, Gods, Rock & Roll

-P 130 per copy

-P100 each for two copies or more

-Some reviews here

Those interested can email me contact numbers (cel and landline numbers) at lexynanceargus (at) yahoo (dot) com. Please specify which item/s you are getting in the title. I can personally bring them to Glorietta, Shangri-la Mall, SM Southmall or Alabang Town Center only.

Also, just a reminder: please do not send invitations or emails with attachments, as those will be unopened.

Waited For Wednesday

Attended a press launch/party last Wednesday at the Alchemy Bar near Tiendesitas. It went well; met a few people from the usual circles (which converged that night because a lot of the participants and guests are basically multi-tasker types, and the event celebrated a multi-media coalition). I said hey to familiar faces like Jude (I forget his surname, Dennis Ladaw’s friend), Vives Anunciacion, Ric Gindap and Yonina Chan, and was introduced to Mina Caliguia, Raya Martin, Raymond Red, Ed Cabagnot, and a bunch of other cool, talented people whose names escape me right now. It’s great to see artists, writers and other creative persons in one place. Fun work night; was able to interview an ex-congresswoman from a prominent political clan who spearheaded the entire thing, too.

Oh, the bad thing was, I didn’t get to taste the yummy-looking pizza that was served earlier because I was too busy interrogating people. But I was able to get a glass of Coke Lite, chips, breadsticks, some nice and tasty chicken spread (I think that’s what it was), and a bottle of San Mig Light. So it’s okay.

Beer. Been a while.

He Can’t Stand to Fly

This is sort of a re-enactment of that awesome scene in JLA/Avengers # 2, where Superman gets beaten up by Hercules, Wonder Man, She-Hulk, Iron Man and the Vision after the Kryptonian K.O.-ed Thor with one super-punch.

Wonder Man: “You don’t do that!”
Hercules: “Not to him--not to Thor!”

Hm, I think Sentry and Superman should meet up and do the obligatory “misunderstanding” fight sequence soon. I honestly don’t know how powerful Sentry is, but yeah, it’s about time that the two premier superteams meet again. They’ve each expanded their membership since the 2003 crossover. Maybe Kurt Busiek and George Perez can reunite and do that sequel. Or if Perez isn’t available, maybe Art Adams, Carlos Pacheco, or any of those guys with a knack for ultra-detailed super-melees can do it.

Are They Alive Or Thoughts That Drift Away?

I drew this last year for a “Night of the Living Dead” pinup gallery comic book. I wonder how that project’s doing. It was in the process of sorting out a deluge of illustrations the last time I contacted the people involved. Anyway, this was fully penciled on vellum paper. Oh, this reminds me, if the cinema nearest you is still showing “Planet Terror,” go see it. So freaking cool and gut-busting.


slim whale said...

great drawing as always.

Planet TError? is it really good? got turned off by the cheesy poster. looks like a b movie. but it might turn out to be fine. i'll try to see it.

oliver said...

Thanks, Slim. :)

Planet Terror- The cheesiness is deliberate. It's half of the double feature "Grindhouse," by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. :)