Wednesday, July 02, 2008

40 Baffling Comic Book Moments

This new fanboyish list is a rundown of some story elements, resolutions or executions that I dislike, not creators or creative teams. Maybe I’ll do a list devoted to that, someday.

They’re mostly Big Two stuff. In no particular order:

1. Alpha Flight is killed by a new villain off-panel. (New Avengers)

2. Xorn was initially revealed to be Magneto. But that was reversed; it wasn’t Magneto after all. Xorn was masquerading as Magneto, who just pretended to be… Xorn. (X-Men)

3. Jade dies perplexingly, and forgettably. (Rann-Thanagar War Special)

4. Countdown didn’t really count down to anything. (Countdown to Final Crisis)

5. Captain America just decides to quit, after some regular joes jump out of nowhere to stop his rampage. (Civil War)

6. Orion dies three times in the span of a few weeks. (Death of the New Gods, Countdown, Final Crisis)

7. Martian Manhunter falls without a fight. (Final Crisis)

8. The X-Men are beaten single-handedly by Spider-Man, then the Wasp. (Secret Wars)

9. The battle scene between a Maxwell Lord-controlled Superman and Wonder-Woman is just told as a quick flashback in the supposedly important OMAC title. (OMAC)

10. One More Day magics away Peter and Mary Jane Parker’s marriage. (Amazing Spider-Man)

11. Zaladane and Lorna Dane are revealed to be sisters. (Uncanny X-Men)

12. The Marvel-Wildstorm universes merge, a la DC and Marvel’s Amalgam, at the end of Heroes Reborn. (Various Heroes Reborn titles)

13. Cyclops disbands the X-Men after the “death” of Professor X. But that’s after some of the most savage attacks on mutantkind. (X-Men)

14. Magneto abducts--then tries to seduce--the Wasp. (Secret Wars)

15. Ms. Marvel is date-raped and impregnated by Marcus, and gives birth to him, too. (Avengers)

16. Moira MacTaggert devises a vague process, off-panel, that mind-controls the X-Men’s blue team. (X-Men).

17. The X-Men aren’t defeated by the JLA, whose roster includes four members with super-speed. (All Access)

18. The Amalgam-ated Bat-X debuts. (Unlimited Access)

19. Husk undresses before her mother and jumps into boyfriend Archangel’s arms. (X-Men)

20. “Captain Mar-Vell” returns. (Civil War: The Return)

21. Namor uncharacteristically shouts, “Have at thee!” (New Avengers)

22. Wolverine beats Lobo off-panel. (DC Versus Marvel)

23. Amazo deactivates when Superman announces that the JLA is disbanded. (JLA)

24. The Seven Soldiers’ adventure ends, confusingly. (Seven Soldiers)

25. Henrietta Hunter becomes Sadako-esque. (X-Statix)

26. The fact that Ares’ son knows that his father’s the God of War, among other things, is ignored. (New Avengers)

27. Legion history and reality are changed for the umpteenth time. (Teen Titans-Legion)

28. Fun character Speedball becomes angsty and pain-obsessed Penance. (Civil War Front Line)

29. Polaris loses her magnetism and gains super-strength. (Uncanny X-Men)

30. Superboy Prime punches the Wall and changes reality. (Infinite Crisis tie-in)

31. Scarlet Witch totally forgets that she knows about her lost babies. (Avengers)

32. Franklin Richards grows up in another reality and returns as an adult adventurer, a la Cable. (Fantastic Four)

33. The Beyonder’s origin is changed; he is now a “mutant Inhuman.” (Illuminati)

34. Donna Troy is killed by a Superman robot. (Titans-Young Justice)

35. Canada’s Omega Flight reforms; half of the team’s members are Americans. (Omega Flight)

36. Norman Osborn is revealed as the father of Gwen Stacy’s children. (Amazing Spider-Man)

37. Guy Gardner discovers the ability to make weapons out of his body. (Zero Hour)

38. Spider-Man gains claws and regenerative powers. (Spider-Man: The Other)

39. Mary Marvel becomes bratty, makes a deal with Eclipso, then Darkseid. (Countdown to Final Crisis)

40. After World War Hulk, the Hulk is dumb again. (Hulk)

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